Yes, absolutely. During coaching sessions the coaches will set challenging but realistic goals for each player and will pair them with players of similar ability wherever possible. During the matches we encourage teamwork and cooperation, which fully involves players of lesser ability and provides better-skilled players with opportunities to be leaders on their teams.

Each camp is different but as a general rule: 50% of the time is spent in instructional coaching sessions, 30% of the time is spent playing matches, and 20% of the time is spent doing “Team Talks” (life lessons) and doing activities that get the kids pumped and having fun.

Each child should wear clothes appropriate for playing soccer (including, but not limited to, soccer uniforms) and footwear appropriate for the venue (outdoor boots for outdoor camps, indoor boots for indoor camps). Sneakers can be worn if the child does not own a pair of soccer boots. All players must be wearing shinpads to play. Children also need to bring a water bottle and some snacks (fruit is great!) and it’s also a good idea to pack a jumper and/or jacket in case the weather gets cold or wet.

The camp will continue unless the ground is closed and no suitable alternative venue can be found. We will do everything we can to make the camp day go ahead, but if a day does need to be cancelled due to the weather, parents will be notified by text message at least one hour before the scheduled start of camp that day. A refund of 20% of the camp fee will be given for each full day cancelled due to wet weather (unless all camp days are cancelled due to rain, in which case 100% of the camp fee will be refunded).

Ambassadors Soccer Camps are all about preparing young people on and off the field, but there’s only so much that can be done in one week. On the field, we trust the kids will continue to develop their skills in their local teams; off the field, we partner with local churches so that if the players and their families are looking for encouragement, support or guidance during the rest of the year, they at least know one place with friendly faces that they can go. Many churches are looking for something positive to do in their communities, so they have jumped at the chance to host an Ambassadors Soccer Camp.

No! Neither players nor their families are required to be Christians or to become Christians during the camp. Every player who attends an Ambassadors Soccer Camp is treated equally, regardless of religion. As has been stated elsewhere, the camps include sessions on sportsmanship and character that are based on the example and teachings of Jesus. These sessions often result in the children asking their coaches broader questions about life and religion. When this occurs, the coaches seek to respect the children, both by responding to their questions honestly and by encouraging them to think for themselves (just as we do in the coaching sessions on the field).

If the cancellation is received at least two weeks before the first day of camp, a refund will be given equal to the camp fee minus an administrative charge of $20. If the cancellation is received within two weeks of the first day of camp, credit will be given to allow the registered player to attend a different Ambassadors Soccer Camp. No refunds will be given for cancellations received after the camp has started.

All camp participants should arrive at least a quarter of an hour before the scheduled start so that they are ready for the start of camp. Parents should arrive promptly to pick up their children and are welcome to come a little early to watch the matches and the closing assembly.

Yes! Every camp finishes with individual skills competitions and a tournament, where the participants get a chance to show off the skills they’ve learnt during the week. The camp ends with an awards ceremony, where every participant receives a certificate and other awards are presented, such as the highly-valued sportsmanship award. We encourage all families to come along for these events and in some locations the camp is extended an hour or two on the final day to make it an even more amazing experience for all the children.

Often when someone hears about child or bonded labour in third-world countries, it’s difficult for them to know what could possibly be done about it. This is especially true for children. Through these camps we hope to show that it’s possible to make a difference just through simple decisions, like what soccer ball to buy. It’s an amazing thing for a child in Australia to realise that by doing so they are helping to release a child on the other side of the world from poverty and oppression.

We need to price each camp so that we can continue to run these camps for many years to come, but we don’t want any child to miss out on attending an Ambassadors Soccer Camp because of the price, so we make scholarships available to families who are unable to pay the full price. If this is applicable to you, then please contact us through the “Contact Us” page, selecting “Scholarship Enquiry” and the specific camp you would like to attend, and in the “Type Your Query” field tell us whether you are seeking a full or part scholarship (or multiple scholarships). We will then contact you as soon as we are able to.